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Hi there ._.)

I’m Marti Escageda, AKA “El Gamer Cosplayer”, welcome to my official Website \._.\

I’m an Engineer in Multimedia Production with 8 years of experience (neen making this stuff since 2006) currently working with ScrewAttack Network and Fullscreen [the global network of content creators and brands]

As a Freelancer I work for Videogames Companies on Marketing Campaigns and also offer my Multimedia Service for individuals or Corporations.

* Promote your Game *

Like my Stuff? Want something like this to Market your Next Project?

If your an Indie Game Developer, I can help you creating YouTube Prescence of your Game. I’ve done a bunch of different Stuff, everything depends on how you want to promote your game :)

- Blog Post -
I’ll show your Game Trailer on my Retro/Indie News Blog PasadoPixeleado.mx

- Review -
Feature your game on the “Indie” Section of Pasado Pixeleado

- Gameplay Trailer -
If you want a Professional Video to Showcase your upcoming title, I can make a cool one for you

- Funny Sketch -
Another fun way to showcase your game, a sitcom like video ad. Perefect for VS and Multiplayer Games.

- Short Film -
Want a Live Action Movie? This can get quite popular and the Gaming Press loves ‘em ;)

- Movie Trilogy -
Want more than one Video? This is perfect for Crowdfunding Campaigns, films are released at different times to regain hype, keep supporters interest and get Press Attention at different times :)

- Web Series -
This works for Games Released on Episodes, on months long or ongoing Crowdfunding Campaigns (such as Patreon.com) or Games that Span many sequels/versions (like Directors Cut, GotY Edition, yearly sequels like “King of fighters” or just think Street Fighter XD)


Full Lenght Film
This one is made just because the creator wants to see it (it usually doesn’t get made for Marketing purposes)
If you want to see your creation in REAL LIFE, you can consider this approach.

The movie can be anywhere from 1-60 minutes long (or a 12 Episode Web Series). It depends on the Game, what you want to see, and what I think would be the best approach once I finish the Whole Game.

If it’s your Dream to see the World you Created brought to Real Life, this is your Chance to make ti happen :D


So, how much does this cost?

It depends on the service you want… Here’s an examle:

Blog Post – FREE!!!

Social Media Shout – Pay What you Want (as low as $1) at least a Thousand of people will see noticed your game ;)

El Juanito Reviews – $5-$50 (depends on the lenght/complexity of the video)

Pixeled Past Review – $20-$200 (the 1st Review on the show is way more expensive than the last one)

Pixeled Past Ad – $10-$100 (it depends on the duration of the Ad and at what time it shows)

DJ Marti – Pay What you Want (as low as $5). It can be on “Pixeled Past” or as a single video on YouTube.

This Game SOCKS - Pay What you Want (as low as $5). It can be on “Pixeled Past” or as a single video on YouTube.

El Gamer Cosplayer – This kind of videos take WEEKS to get done, the price will be based on the lenght of the Review and the budget I’ll need for Costumes, Props, Sketches, Traveling and such. Send me a Review Copy of your game and we can discuss the Price :)



There are different types of deals I make with Creators… Choose the one that works best for you :)

Pay what you Want
If the video is on my YouTube Channel only, you can donate whatever you feel like once the video is finish (it will not be my priority) I can get to do it if I really like your game and I can make something cool with my current Costumes/Equipment and Team Members willing to do it just for fun :D

Set you Budget
Tell me how much you’re willing to spend, and I’ll tell you what I can accomplish with the available resources.

Steam Greenlight
If your game doesn’t get GreenLight a month after the Promo Movie goes Live, you pay NOTHING :v
After it is GreenLight, I’ll ask for the same % Steam takes for 3 months.

Fixed Crowdfunding (like KickStarter)
If your game doesn’t get funded, you pay NOTHING :v
If it is, I get from 5%-10% of whatever was raised. I know the platform and credit card companies get a cut too, but it’s better to have 90% of a budget than no budget at all… AND you have nothing to lose even if the Campaign fails ;)

Flexible Crowdfunding (like IndieGoGo)
I get from 5%-10% of whatever was raised.

Revenue Share (3 Months)
The Best Way to get my Services for most Indies.

I get 10% of every game sold for 90 days after the Promo Movie (or Reviews, Sketches, Trailers or whatever) goes LIVE.

I have to tell you that I don’t trust Affiliate Links so much… Someone can watch the embedded YouTube video one day, and then look for the Game on his favorite OnLine Store, or just get the game later on.

Also, affiliate links only work for PC Games. And most Indies also have their titles on iOS, Android, Nintendo eShop, Live Arcade, PSN or even Retail (and buyers will go to GameStop or some physical store to get it)


Just Contact Me :3
There are so many different ways to promote videogames.
You can just EMail Me and we can get to a deal that benefit everyone [you, me and the Gamers]