Game Devs: I can help you Promote your next Title :3

Martin Escageda AKA “El Gamer Cosplayer” is currently offering to make Live Action VideoGame Commercials for Indie Developers
- Demo Reel:

A Multimedia Production Engineer, “EGC” began making Fan Films just for fun at Anime Conventions and Gaming Events, his Channel got some Media attention, and several of his videos are getting Millions of views.

Game Makers liked the style and noticed the Marketing possibilities of these “Real Life Emulation” Videos… So they started asking for Cosplay Ads.
- Video with examples:

Live Action Commercials
Psichodelya – Kiss Ltd   —   GunWorld – m07games
Dungeons: The Eye of Draconus – Sucker Free Games
Yatagarasu – Nyu Media    —    Legend of Raven – Hotapen
WildSeason – QuickFireGames   —   PinballDJ – Unified Game ApS
Death to Spies 3 – Haggard Games   —   PinballDJ – Unified Game ApS
Over 9000 Zombies – Mastertronic   —   Tales of Solaris – NGames Interactive

It’s been 2 years now since EGC started working on VideoGame Advertising, and already has made commercials for genres like Beat’ em Up, RPG, SHMUP, Fighting, Rhythm, Platformer, Stealth, Survival Horror and even a Farming Simulator. Also offers GamePlay Trailers, Reviews, Sketches, Animation and more:

Cute Cat Video (iPad Puzzle Game)

GamePlay Trailers
Puralax – Puzzle Game (Mobile)
Atlas: Horizons – Nation Simulation Game
I Spy – Hidden Objetc Game (iOS)

Indie Review Show
Best of GreenLight Bundle – StolenCouchGames
Letter Monsters – 1001 Games

Cosplay Reviews
Fatal Fury: King of Fighters – Neo-Geo (1991)
The King of Fighters ’99 – Neo-Geo (1999)
Fatal Fury 2 – Neo-Geo (1992)
Sketch Commercial – Battle RTS (Mobile)

Game Devs can contact him at: EGC eMail